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Another aim of this site is to visualize our goals as well as to see how far we've traveled toward them (figuratively and literally!). There's power in putting something in writing ... And the pictures make it pretty.

Our main goals fall into two categories: States and National Parks. Only ones we've visited together count, and a state gets checked off only if we've been to a specific destination (rather than simply passing through).

We didn't coin this saying but certainly have lived by it for a long time! And while pictures aren't the only point of travel, they're definitely essential to the experience for us (and we shoot a lot of travel video, too!).

Although this site focuses only on America, that's not because domestic destinations are the only ones that interest us. We'd love to see a lot of our own country and at least a little of a lot of others around the world.

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we're wedding photographers who call Kansas city home,
but we also have a passion for capturing stunning sites all over.

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We created this site for our own enjoyment in curating our travels and
as a way to have little pieces of all of them all in one place. For anyone interested in tagging along, here's some background on our travel goals:

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sweet land of liberty,

We're all about national parks, but We've
also hit a lot of other awesome destinations. 

We figure it's a cliché for a reason, and undoubtedly a beautiful one! Of course, our first trip to this area will include Acadia National Park.

new england in the autumn
Charleston, South Carolina

This city seems to be the epitome of Southern charm and also looks incredibly picturesque, which is always a plus for picture-takers!

Big Sur

This stretch along the California coast is said to be one of the most scenic in the country, and we can't wait to see it for ourselves.

I (Erin) took a school trip to NYC in 2001, just months before 9/11. I've wanted to revisit the city ever since, especially since Seth hasn't been.

new york, new york
you love tackling
a good to-do list  

Waterfalls never cease to amaze, and we're sure this one — arguably the world's largest and most famous — is especially spectacular.

niagara falls

Yes, these are two distinct spots — so maybe we're cheating in listing both in our Top 10. But both do rank high as dream destinations!

alaska & hawaii
yosemite & lake tahoe

These also are two distinct spots but make up one trip we planned, then had to postpone due to wildfires. So now we're extra eager to go!

So far we're one for five, and Lake Michigan was great enough to make us make sure Superior, Huron, Erie and Ontario are also on our list.

all the great lakes
you know beauty
and how to make it 
Washington, D.C.

We've each been to D.C. multiple times, but never together. And it seems like a place that should be among our shared experiences.

Cape Cod

As one of the first areas of the U.S. to be settled by Europeans, it has a lot of history as well as natural beauty – and we're drawn to both.

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We love to pair our passions for wedding photography and for travel! Let's see if we're a good fit for capturing your adventurous big day.

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